Who We Are

Who we are

What is PaleoTraining?

PaleoTraining is a holistic fitness approach, grounded in the Nature forward principles of movement, nutrition, wellness, and community bonds. Our purpose?

To rediscover human potential and help our members live a healthier, happier and longer life. With PaleoTraining, our members learn to move how our body is designed to move and eat the foods we truly need. Both are enhanced by our wellness practices and supported by a stronger connection with our communi.


Reach your goals with Paleotraining and thrive with our demanding, rewarding and fun workouts based on natural movements, and feel the power of Paleotraining unlocking your true potential. Our natural movement-based workouts are unique and efficient as no ones, designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and pushing your limits for maximum results.


Eat for life with our holistic and natural nutritional principles for optimal health and performance and discover the transformative power of proper nutrition with Paleotraining. Backed by science, our programs provide sustainable guidance for fueling your body and mind as you never did.


Feel the Mind-Body-Spirit connection with our daily session of mindfulness, muscle recovery, breath work and our micro lessons, and learn how to acquire a thriving life, enhancing your spiritual fitness and renewing your body and mind.


Be part of something bigger: a like-minded community of health and fitness enthusiasts. who connect with and share your passion. Together, we support and inspire each other, engaging in local studios events, celebrating milestones and experience the grandeur of Paleotraining Fest, our flagship event uniting the entire community.

Our Story

PaleoTraining was launched in Lanzarote (Canary Islands, Spain) in 2009 by Airam Fernández, one of the world’s foremost experts on evolutionary fitness.

After noticing that many of his patients were suffering from chronic pain and muscle injuries, he realized that whilst he was treating the symptoms, he was not addressing their cause. Coupled with his natural curiosity in Evolutionary Medicine, Airam decided to systematically change his approach to his practice. He removed the traditional equipment of his clinic and introduced exercise routines, including weights, bands, matts and bars. This, combined with the effectiveness of stripped-back training (running, jumping, hanging, pushing and pulling resulted in the birth of PaleoTraining.

Today PaleoTraining boasts more than 13,000 members amongst its community and over 21 centers in Europe and is on the road to become an international phenomenon.