Our Purpose


Environmental Commitment


PaleoTraining is founded on the principles of working out closer to nature. Our workouts are designed to follow the natural evolution of human beings in their environment, at the same time our PaleoTraining© Studios are designed to create a nature like environment, by utilizing natural elements such as wood, turf (to simulate grass) and natural plants.

We are conscious that this requires the use of natural wood and synthetic elements such as plastic to create our experience, additionally several of our workouts are inspired by different animals in their natural environment.

PaleoTraining is committed To minimize our environmental footprint, replace all the elements we borrow from nature and pay tribute to the animals that have inspired our movements. PaleoTraining believes that human beings have evolved thanks to our environment and not in spite of it.

PaleoTraining is committed to behave in a sustainable manner throughout its product, operations and supply chain.

As part of our environmental standard, we pledge to:

  • Always act in a sustainable manner, by reducing, reusing and recycling as many elements related to our day-to-day operations, retail activities, events and franchises.
  • Always endeavor and maximize efforts to ensure sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chain activity.
  • PaleoTraining International will allocate $500 per opening (direct or indirect, standard PaleoTraining© Studios or sun box) to one of three sustainability causes listed below.
  • Each PaleoTraining© Studio is required to dedicate $1.00 (or similar amount in local currency) per member per month to one of the three or all three of the causes outlined below.
  • PaleoTraining international Commit to dedicating $1.00 Per digital member per year to one of the three causes outlined below.

As part of our ethics standard PaleoTraining we’ll consider this standard as integral to all actions and decisions by the company.