Vit Sun: The Importance of the Sun Vitamin

"Where air and sun enter, the doctor does not." #realhabits


We are creatures of the Sun. The light that emanates from this giant star regulates many aspects of our life and health. But, have we forgotten the value of the sun’s vitamin in this era of urban and technological life?

Inconsistency in Sun Exposure

Sun exposure has become inconsistent in our lives. For most of the year, we take shelter in buildings, avoiding direct contact with the sun. However, when we finally decide to tan, we do so carelessly. Is it logical to blame the sun for our burns? Clearly, the inconsistency in exposure is the real culprit.

Inconsistency in Latitude

Not only has our relationship with the sun changed, but so has our geographical location. Migration has displaced entire populations to latitudes where sun radiation does not match their skin type. This results in inconsistencies in vitamin D absorption and a greater predisposition to skin problems. The culprit? Our choice of habitat.

Inadequate Sun Protection

Despite the wide variety of sunscreens on the market, many do not offer protection against UVA rays. This can have serious long-term health consequences. It is essential to choose correctly and remember that, sometimes, unprotected sun for short periods can be beneficial to our health.

Natural Sun Protection: A Healthy Alternative

With increased awareness of chemicals in conventional products, natural sun protection has become a popular option. It not only protects us from harmful rays but also promotes a positive relationship with the sun.

Natural Sunscreen Recipe

For those looking for healthy alternatives, here is a natural sunscreen recipe:


  • Virgin coconut oil
  • Non-nano zinc oxide
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Lavender essential oil


  • Combine coconut oil and zinc oxide.
  • Add vitamin E oil and essential oil.
  • Store in an airtight container.

This sunscreen not only acts as a barrier but also nourishes the skin. Ideal for those seeking care and protection in one product.

Balance is Key

The sun is essential to our lives. Its light regulates our circadian rhythms, improves our mood, and provides us with vitamin D. However, as with everything in life, the key is balance. Both deficiency and excess can be harmful


The sun, an inexhaustible source of energy and vitality, must be appreciated and respected. Through proper and conscious exposure, we can take advantage of its benefits without risks. As the saying goes: “where air and sun enter, the doctor does not.” Let’s reconnect with nature and rediscover the importance of the sun’s vitamin in our lives.