PaleoTraining, the holistic and hybrid fitness business to watch out for

The brand is based on 4 pillars: natural movements, nutrition, wellness and community

PaleoTraining is a hybrid ecosystem that offers the ultimate fitness and health experience by combining natural movement, nutrition, and wellness practices. For the last 15 years, PaleoTraining has had the privilege of serving more than 13,000 members through its 21 PaleoTraining Studios and now its goal is to become the key reference of the global fitness industry, opening more than 700 centers, in 10 countries, in five years while adding more than 1.5 million members to its new digital platform IamPaleo, a fundamental pillar of the company’s development, which is clearly committed to digitization.

Holistic Approach
PaleoTraining’s holistic and sustainable approach is based on evolutionary fitness principles that provide a balance between functionality and efficiency. As a leading fitness brand, PaleoTraining’s proposal is based on the four pillars of its product: movement, nutrition, well-being and community. Its PaleoTraining Studios are one of the most distinctive features of the brand as they introduce its members to an environment similar to that of nature, using natural elements such as wood to complement the fitness equipment.

PaleoTraining helps achieve its members’ activity and fitness goals by generating positive changes and restoring both physical and mental health and well-being to those who practice it. The company’s professional team of trainers know that regular exercise and physical activity are crucial to a healthy life, which is why they offer the latest supervised health and fitness programs with an unparalleled focus on wellness. For all these reasons, we can say that PaleoTraining is more than a simple fitness routine. It is a movement; a holistic and hybrid lifestyle and business opportunity to consider.

The four pillars of PaleoTraining
PaleoTraining is therefore a fitness sport that is based on different natural movements performed at different intensities. PaleoTraining workouts are some of the most demanding in the industry, yet are fun, rewarding, and sustainable. And it is that they take advantage of the connection with others and with nature. Sometimes they can evoke a playful atmosphere, since this sport is based on primordial movements, such as jumping, crawling, hanging, climbing and running, aligned with our natural evolution, but their careful and unique methodology make them rigorous and effective workouts. The brand stands out from other fitness programs as it uses the aforementioned natural movements combined with high intensity interval training (HIIT), cardio and strength training. In addition, no two workouts are ever the same thanks to SYLEX, the brand’s cutting-edge technology. But from PaleoTraining they know that fitness is more than exercise.

Nutrition and exercise must go hand in hand to achieve optimal performance and for this reason the brand is based on the extensive knowledge in nutritional sciences of its founder, Airam Fernández, to create a complementary, coherent, sustainable nutritional approach with real results. , which is integrated into your complete program of natural movements. Thus, PaleoTraining performs detailed analysis of the body composition of all its members and an evaluation of their nutritional behavior, in addition to providing them with meal plans and personal coaching, with tutorial content. Rather than encourage dieting, PaleoTraining helps develop a positive relationship with food: eating and promoting foods that are nourishing, feel good, and provide enough energy to allow you to live life to the fullest.

Furthermore, PaleoTraining members know that being healthy means exercising the body, eating well, and also feeling connected to a healthy lifestyle with a strong supportive community. And for this reason they also have a complete wellness program that focuses on educating and empowering them to lead a healthier and more environmentally friendly life. PaleoTraining’s daily programs, Paleo of the day (POD), emphasize breathing, meditation, mindfulness, and personal development, both in the studios and through the app, once again providing a holistic perspective on wellness. general.

And all of this is always backed by a strong supportive community of like-minded people who share knowledge and experiences to comfort, inspire and help each other achieve their goals.

The history of PaleoTraining
PaleoTraining was founded in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, in 2009 by Airam Fernández, a physiotherapist and one of the world’s leading experts in evolutionary fitness. Airam wanted to address the root causes of the health and fitness challenges facing today’s society and thus help people bring out the best in themselves. Since then, PaleoTraining’s revolutionary holistic approach has set it apart from other fitness programs.

At his private clinic, he realized that many of his patients suffered from chronic pain and muscle injuries and that while he was treating the symptoms, he was not addressing their causes. Coupled with her natural curiosity for evolutionary medicine and her personal experience competing internationally in steeplechase races in extreme weather conditions, Airam Fernández discovered that by using natural movements, her training was much more effective, engaging, fun, and most importantly It made him much happier. So, he decided to systematically change his approach in his physical therapy practice.

He eliminated the traditional equipment of his clinic and made room for natural movement exercise tables that used weights, bands, yoga mats and bars. He began to carry out several daily one-hour “physio-exercise” sessions for his patients, which combined the effectiveness of training supported by natural and fun movements such as running, jumping, hanging, pushing and pulling, with prescription based nutrition plans. on natural, unprocessed foods and measuring your progress. And so PaleoTraining was born. Since then, more than 13,000 people have enjoyed this natural health and fitness movement in Spain, introducing positive changes in their behavior and improving their well-being and personal growth.

And it is precisely the great impact of the PaleoTraining model in the Spanish market in recent years that makes the brand want to share its lifestyle everywhere. the world, since he firmly believes that true fitness is one in which the body and mind are connected. PaleoTraining’s mission is clear: to become the world’s leading fitness brand through a simple, sustainable and common sense approach to health, to help as many people as possible achieve their full human potential so they can live. longer, happier and healthier lives.

The PaleoTraining Academy: The Coach Certification
All those professionals in the world of fitness who share the PaleoTraining philosophy of life and want to take the first step towards a fulfilling career and become a certified trainer of the brand are in luck because The PaleoTraining Academy has just launched The Coach Certification, the first post-pandemic training This renowned 40-hour course will take place from June 7 to 11, 2023, at the headquarters of the leading fitness brand in Lanzarote, Canary Islands.

Enrolling in the program can provide numerous benefits to fitness and health professionals. You can help improve their careers by providing them with a deeper understanding of the science behind PaleoTraining, which can lead to better training strategies and more effective results for your clients. Also, completing the prestigious course can give them a competitive advantage over other trainers. The program can also boost the personal growth of its participants by teaching them to unleash their maximum human potential and helping their clients to do the same, which is the main purpose of PaleoTraining. In short, The Coach Certification, lasting 40 hours in total, can be an excellent investment for fitness professionals looking to increase their knowledge and skills while advancing their professional careers.

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