PaleoTraining starts its global expansion by reaching an agreement with Baker Tilly

The objective is to raise capital for the fitness company’s worldwide growth.

PaleoTraining, a unique fitness franchise that offers a sustainable and straightforward approach to Health and Fitness, has reached an agreement with Baker Tilly, a global provider of consultant and advisory services, to help raise capital for its world development. Over the past 15 years, PaleoTraining has had the privilege of serving over 13,000 members through its 21 PaleoTraining Studios, and now accompanied by Baker Tilly its goal is to open over 700 centers in 10 countries in 5 years, while also enrolling over 1.5 million members on its digital world class platform IamPaleo, the core value of its business development.

“The alignment with PaleoTraining main values, its international projection, and its large experience in the global market are the key reasons why we have chosen Baker Tilly to be our trusted adviser in the process of being the key reference of the global fitness industry” points out Berry Van Veldhoven, PaleoTraining’s CEO. Airam Fernández, PaleoTraining’s founder, world mentor of evolutionary fitness and writer of several books about this subject adds: “we are on a mission to become the world’s leading fitness brand and we believe Baker Tilly can help us with that”. Toni Carré, Baker Tilly’s Corporate Finance Director goes on saying: “After carefully studying PaleoTraining business model and observing its market reputation supported by years of experience and 13,000 members, in Baker Tilly we’ve decided to be one of PaleoTraining key partners in their global expansion because we firmly believe that its holistic fitness brand, unique and unparalleled, will become a top tear contender in the fitness and health industry worldwide”.

PaleoTraining, more than just a fitness routine; it’s a movement.
PaleoTraining is a leading fitness brand that combines natural movements, nutrition, and wellness practices. Its holistic and sustainable approach is based on evolutionary fitnessPrinciples that provide a balance between functionality and efficiency. PaleoTraining entire proposition is based on the four pillars of its product: movement, nutrition, wellness, and community. Its PaleoTraining Studios are the most distinctive feature of the company, as they introduce its members to a nature like environment when they are in sessions. The exercises are also available digitally on PaleoTraining platform IamPaleo.

Airam Fernández founded the company in 2009 to help people reach their full human potential. As a physiotherapist, he was tired of treating just the symptoms of its patients, so he created PaleoTraining to address the root causes of the health and fitness challenges facing today’s society. Since then, its unique approach and community-centered philosophy set the company apart from other fitness programs. PaleoTraining helps achieve physical activity and fitness goals by bringing about positive changes and restore health and well-being both mentally and physically. Their professional team of trainers and staff know that regular exercise and physical activity are crucial for a healthy life and that’s why they offer the latest supervised health and
fitness programs delivering an unparalleled holistic wellness approach. So, we can say that PaleoTraining is more than just a fitness routine, it is a movement.

PaleoTraining members have access to in-depth analysis of both body composition and nutritional behavior assessment, meal plans, personal coaching, and tutorial content. They also have a wellness program that focuses on educating and empowering them to lead healthier, more environmentally friendly, and more fruitful lives. The PaleoTraining daily programs emphasize breathing, mindfulness, and personal development, providing a well-rounded approach to overall wellness.

And all this is supported by a strong community of like-minded individuals that share knowledge and experiences to comfort, inspire, and aid one another in achieving their goals. Airam Fernández goes on to say: “The great impact of our model in the Spanish market over the last few years makes us want to share the PaleoTraining movement worldwide as we know that true fitness is where the body and mind are connected and we strive to help people live longer, happier, and healthier lives through a simple and common-sense approach to health”.

Baker Tilly, now, for tomorrow.
At Baker Tilly, one of the top 10 consulting firms worldwide, they believe in growth. They work today, to make a difference for tomorrow. For them standing still is not an option. They invest in technology and in the knowledge and skills of its people and for the past 40 years, they have worked and communicated with organizations about their concerns and what opportunities they see in their day to day business. They always search for quality solutions that are unique for every different situation. With over 350 professionals throughout Spain and as independent member of Baker Tilly International, with 703 offices, in 145 locations and a global billing of 4.7 bn dollars, its expertise extends far beyond international borders.

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