What is the human retreat?

The human retreat (formerly known as Human Cook and Train) is an all inclusive 5 day retreat held in Lanzarote. Escape from day to day stress, eating poorly and fast, and join us too discover your full human potential once again. Hosted in some of the world´s most exotic locations, we will work with you to help you how to release your full human potential.
You will learn, you will learn and you will have an incredible vacation experience.


The retreat will include:

  • Workouts and personal training with some of the best PaleoTraining coaches in the world

  • Nutritional workshops and programs

  • Some of the best food and  restaurant experiences in  the world

  • Other sport sessions

  • Workshops on Personal development, health and fitness
    Lodging in a 5 star hotel

  • All meals are included


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