Become a Trainer PaleoTraining™

Become a Trainer PaleoTraining™


ONLINE Training Now Available

Online Trainer Training Course PaleoTraining™

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Official Trainer Course PaleoTraining™ (PRESENTIAL)


The Course Full-face training that enables you to exercise Trainer In any official Paleotraining Room
* 40 Teaching hours
* Once the course is over, 60 hours of readings and work will be necessary.
Hours: 9 hours from Wednesday to Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday morning.
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Paleotraining © is a functional training system based on the movement originating from the human being, through the use of your body in a natural environment.

Our genetic material has changed just 1% since we are human, while the environment and our habits are very different from when we forge like this species. PaleoTraining® seeks to recover the physical capacities originating from the human being through exercises consistent with our biology and physiology. PaleoTraining is presented as the basis of any sports program, since its purpose is to generate health and increase physical performance.

The Trainer is the basic professional of a Paleo room: it interprets the POD´s (Paleo Of Day) and the personal planning of the users through the perfect knowledge of the different training systems and the different movements.

During the training course in PaleoTraining © The new trainer learns about evolutionary feeding and how to advise the user in different areas of health. On the other hand will deepen the different ways of obtaining energy and control the intensity of effort applied in PaleoTraining ©.

This training program deepens the management of THE ATR methodology (accumulation, transformation and performance), the realization of anthropometries and the elaboration of training programs with specific planning in cycle-seasons, which It allows to control the evolution of the changes that occur in the users of PaleoTraining © in relation to the fat mass and the lean mass and to carry an exquisite control of the loads applied to the user.

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